the changes you go through
and the pain that must have connected it all
like a current
like wet electricity

the first man to really walk on the moon
did it backwards
while singing that the kid is not my son

were you already gone or were we never here
monkey and children and sequined military madness
tape and glove and surgery

all those people awaiting your return
you decided to leave
don’t call it a comeback

escape from a crowded room
a heart that tell tales
and sings songs

i don’t have to know what to feel
it just happens
the shiver i can’t shake

maybe it’s because you were so unreal
so apart from anything i could relate to
until now


  1. I’m new to your stuff, Chris. Disembodied, yeah. This is eerie. Like one of those days when there’s no wind and no noise and you’re waiting for something to happen and it won’t.

  2. well said, dan. thanks for reading, i look forward to digging into your site…


  3. Chris-
    I knew you would come up with something good to mark the end of this sad and strange life.

  4. thanks, christy. i felt sad and strange, i think many did. the personal to the universal. i think it gave a lot of people pause to have someone so unusual all of a sudden do something that they could all relate to…

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