going down

she is asleep all over me
twisting around like bedsheets
stuck to my skin

i have too little in me
to do anything about it
to get up and start all over again

i get the nights that roll past
but i don’t understand the days
that move by inches
crawling like tar and feather

tying us together is the knot
a devil’s knot
not my chords

and not her song
but her style
and lack of substance

orange purple glow like a bruise
the sun comes all over me
as it goes down on someone else


  1. Core to the outflowing of Chris Cole’s work is the male adoration of the female. This is fundamental as symbolized by the Ying Yang. Black and white sperm like perpetual motion going clockwise. Or the masculine straight line and the feminine circle, as the flower of life design containing the intersection points that allow the construction of the five geometric solids fundamental to nature and sacred geometry. The Mother Devine Mandela contains hourglass shapes triangles diamonds, tetrahedron, within a circle. But with the bottom half and the downward pointing small triangle at the center it breaks with formal balance; so perfect order of the spiritual dimension manifests physical creation, change, dissolution and death. Our anguish is to return to the eternal fundamental order whilest we swim in awe and ecstasy of the ever born anew. Our intensely feeling Fairfield Czechoslovakian poet, Victor Titchi, has a line. “And lips dry off a drop and gasp into a smile.” We find ourselves incarnated in either male or female bodies. A Mt. Shasta mystic, Swan Ramachi, says we are not just male or female arbitrarily for each incarnation, but a souls we are either male or female throughout our evolution. We may havve an other sex incarnation but it is painful and for a certen life lesson. It may be Gudni Gudnison of the Rocky Mtn. Mystery school who makes an interesting claim, that we serve as spirit guides for people in the physical dimension as we are evolving from the sourse, so we learn by this contact. This is why there are so many Napoleons in the same asylum. With each service we become more concrete in our substance until our final incarnation as we are experiencing on this earth now.

    Neville, the LA mystic back in the 1930s, has an illustration on a book cover of a couple proceeding up a road towards the light. With each progression the figures merge closer together until the male on the left and female on the right are fused into one individual.. There is something gratifying about Chris’s focus. with reference to his feminine muse. Even old Freud was pushing this. I found this website for Neville: https://metaphysicalarttheater.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=4

  2. this is so amazing, bill. thank you for sharing and thanks for your support. it is worth writing, just to receive your responses…

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