sunday night blues in the key of la

along the 405 and down the 10
there are battles being waged in her architecture
there are prehistoric nights with consequences
evolution spelled backwards

there are answers to questions we are all seeking
hidden deep inside her skin
in pressure points along her anatomy

there are places you can touch
secrets you can unlock
with the push of a button

i tried to find her amidst the pagodas
among the junkies and their promises
the gorillas in heat and the angels in the dark
i wanted to find my self and lose my self
inside her maps and legends

but she can’t tell me where she is
because she can’t speak
she can’t even look

and i am not real anyway
i am love’s best guess at an eternal spark
an estimation of desire
a price to put on something you can only get for free

so i reach out my hands
along the streets and their curves
where sunset meets the ocean

there are so many with the same face
too many limbs to count
and as fingers grip the handle
love pulls the trigger

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