prodigal lunch

sweet bird of youth, come fly over here
i’ve been watching you watch me
or you’ve been watching me watch you
either way our eyes are open
they are peeled back
to let in the light
to let us see what is there
and what isn’t

can you make out the shape of my heart from there
does it look like it will fit
maybe for a night
maybe more

either way we will fall all over
stumbling across the plains of heaven
never once realizing where we are
banished from the sacred land
by our own awareness
and lack of

i do not meet you with bad intentions
but they ain’t good either
they are what they are
and i am what i am
in fact
i am that

so put down your fork and knife
and sit next to me
in fact sit on top of me
let us eat and drink as one
toasting the dusk of man
and the dawn of woman

i will drink wine from places you
haven’t thought of
we will press ourselves into shapes
that light up the night sky
through la’s pretorial haze

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