still life

she is a canvas i have dreamt of and lived
i wanted to paint things
i still do

to find out how the brush feels along the skin
how the colors spread across her mind
the angles and edges made better by her shape

she was there, long ago
and she was there the whole time
she never left

but i never said anything
just sat next to her
glad i could be there

now i am ready
and far away
an anvil and an axe

sinking below and cutting into things
a bull in a china shop
a still life with distance and perspective

please paint me
into a corner
into your arms

i am far away and so close
i can almost taste myself
on the tip of your tongue



    the fake pear
    looks delicious

    no matter I can not eat it
    with my mouth that wants it

    I eat it in my mind
    its honey drop shape

    is sweet and it is fine
    that it is not a real pear

    because real pears
    don’t last as long
    -Jane LeCroy

  2. fake is the new real.

    thanks for the tasty holiday treat, jane…
    xo cc

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