i can’t stop

there is music that falls asleep before i do
but it stays in my head long after it’s gone
the human hum of doubt and consciousness
that expands every pore
like an accident waiting to happen
all flesh and denial

there are other things
that come into your bed at night
that you wait for
thoughts and shapes
the sacred geometry of love and passion
breathing on your face

i can’t stop myself sometimes
so i leave it to you
to catch me inside your body
before i pass completely through
hold me in your heat
and never let me go

this i feel late at night
and early morning
and even afternoon
i am animal and spirit
flesh and fantasy
a curse and a prayer

so take in the night air and don’t look back
what is behind you is not really there
and what is ahead we’ll never see
it is where your skin touches the wind
and where our bodies meet
that is where you are now and forever where you’ll be

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