the salt and sea

then again there’s always portland
emeralds and lilacs
faces inked
masked and anonymous

i am gray most of the time too
shades of black and white
true religion and fake death

i am a cloud of smoke
rolling in off the ocean
and out of my body
i appear in rhythm and hues
bastard child of morning and midnight

someone got fucked
and it wasn’t me
but there’s no complaints

only arms reaching out
past the clearing over the ocean
into your bedroom
at night

i have felt you my whole life
and tasted you
again and again
the sweat from your body
on your lips

your sex tastes like the ocean
and i am forever trying to get to your shore
through currents
that press against me
and time
that has my cock in its hand
like a banana, like a gun

i have slipped into your world
and your body
i have penetrated something
softer than flesh
harder than bone

it is your heart
after all
not a city or an organ
but a song
calling me by name
calling me home

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