note to self

you are bigger than you seem
so make sure there is room for others

the people you meet are there to help you
so the same must be true for them

passion is a powerful currency
make sure you spend it wisely

time is an illusion
but one whose spell you have not learned how to break

no one can answer that question you always want to ask them
so best not ask it, of anyone but yourself, and be disappointed by the answer

no matter how spellbinding the intellect is
it is only there to do the heart’s bidding

attraction is fleeting and fickle
but companionship is constant

business is a big part of art
and art is a big part of business

there is such a thing as being too honest
but there is never such a thing as being to genuine

you can say really insightful things sometimes
so make sure you stop talking after you say them

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