late birthday card to a muse

back then
because you were an archangel
with flaming sword and wanderlust
you appeared like a vision and danced across night
and made sense out of a thousand wishes
that all came true

for yourself
for all of us

your birth and life and the joy it brings
you are a muse and a singer and a song
and countless other things
that bring shapes to sound
and turn sounds to a silence
that we can’t help but hear

you make images
ones that we see ourselves in
like a funhouse mirror
they bend our past
and pray for our future

you write words
that displace time and space
leaving us somewhere
so high
above it all

your voice
and words
and visuals
they stir the pot
that we all bake in
that we all come from
you cook creation like a recipe handed down from god

and from where i sit
on the grass
looking at the stars
the same ones you would be looking at
if your city lights didn’t hold them at bay
i think of you
just because i can

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