the love song of f. murray abraham

there is a planet somewhere that resembles your face
it has rugged terrain and craters that line its rocky surface
cliffs and edges
sepia tones and endless pools of deep auburn

from where does eternal life spring?
where are the real battles waged?

for the souls
that cling to the icy edges
of your glare
there is no mercy

it is you who killed mozart
and tom hulce
it happened in the rain
and in the years in between
careers deflected like flashbulbs
and downed like vodka tonics

i have been to your parties
grilled protein on your fires
i have climbed to the top of mordor

seared flesh
and fantasies
yes, fantasies
of young girls
and typhoid
of parlor tricks
and medieval weaponry

i have lifted your veil so all may see what it hides
the bacchanalian splendor
and morbid doom
the business
that is show
and though
this is not about you
it is near you

i have yelled fire!
in a crowded building
and while there is no fire here
there certainly is

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