a crash, but not an accident

there is a line that i follow down the center of your street. it is crooked and broken, like me. somehow i make my way; through moonlight and overpasses, through improbability and the curse of fortune. i am exactly what you need, but not what you want. yet, there are stars that have watched us, over lifetimes, our slow crawl towards each other. they have hope, hovering above us, as we are blinded by sight and kept apart by coincidence. death peels us back and love binds us together. i am your skin and bones, you are my heart and mind. we are here this cold night to make each other warm. and while our bodies wrap around each other many times over, it is our hearts, lifting up toward heaven that feel the warmth. a primordial beat ricochets off the stratosphere and rattles our windows. it keeps us up at night, wondering what it is that is keeping us up. it makes us go places, without knowing where we are going. it is what we seek and what we hide from. it is the coming together of two runaway cars. it is a crash, but not an accident.

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  1. all the ingredients are in the blender.
    It might need a shot of Tobasco.
    Turn it on, then drink.
    a perfect concoction.
    nothing extraneous.

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