catholic boy

i can taste the electricity
in my mouth
my teeth are biting at youth
and caffeine
and heroin
this city is made of metal
everything conducts
everything fucks
everything plays
you know the blacktop
and needles in the park
between jump shots and verse
always with you

the books
the measure
of life
of teaspoons
doling out regulated shares

you stole the bag
and shot it all
taking sidestreets
working their way
in and out of boroughs
or is it burroughs
intravenous highways
leading to your heart

love and smack
race through your system
for pink slips
love always wins
but smack is a sore loser
and it caught up in the end

and california is no better
something so beautiful
must be sad

but i love you
and your lines
they form a sky
above the city that sleeps
that we can look at
passing by quickly
in cars
that have no engines
and streets
that have no right
jim carroll

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