yes i am falling

the cup your holding in your hand
the things you think you understand
i don’t think you know what i came here for

the things you think and tell yourself
the thoughts you can’t keep to yourself
everything is just as you planned

and when you see what you have done
when you try and hide and run
it just lets me know where i stand

yes i am falling
falling in and out of love
once again

yes i am calling
in a voice
that you can’t understand

lots and lots of paragraphs
you make sure to keep the stamps
you never know where you might be

but calling, calling to myself
i can see there’s no one else
you helped me to understand

nights and nights and days and days
you’ve shown me there’s so many ways
to still feel yourself and feel her too

yes i am stalling
running up and down
the avenue

yes i am bawling
but the tears i cry
are not for you

so, i think i got this right
you don’t have to put up a fight
i am here and so are you

the answer and the answer man
never took the time to understand
to open me up and take a look

cause i am not an open book
and you can keep the things you took
i don’t think need them anyway

yes i am falling
out of love
and into the day

yes i am calling
to myself
and the answer is okay


  1. it’s funny, k, i kinda thought it was a happy song. but, someone else commented about the pain. i guess the tune i had in my head while writing it was upbeat and maybe that hid the pain. or at least colored it.

  2. Hm. This is very pretty.
    I imagine the music for this song rich with major sevenths, half steps, and ninths. Not too dissonant, but certainly interesting. I definitely imagine the melody sung by a high tenor.

  3. ;) i appreciate the attention to the piece, chromatic… score it.

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