we killed rock and roll

the band has broken up
all around us
because of us
because of the dust
on the things we thought we’d keep

because of that night
and the nights just like it
the way we’d fight with dawn
to keep it from ending
but it always ends
there’s nothing much to hold on to anymore

those were the days though
when i knew where i was
mostly because i knew where i wasn’t
maybe i can lose my way again
and find the right pattern
along the spines of starfish
in the moons of metropolis

inside cornbread
and outside language

i have reversed myself and where i came from
i have done things to things and been vague
about places i’ve been specific with
but it all matches
you and your smile
the simple thing that makes it all happen
and then not happen

salvador dali, Crucifixion (Hypercubic Body)

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