i got lost in your warm shelter

back then when we reached inside
we didn’t have to improvise
we just shared a glance
or a smoke
and said what we thought
that we thought

and in the moments we hide
and in the best of the times
parts of me i never realized
turn to smoke
and come out your mouth
as i make you breathe

we got lost
in the warm shelter
buried alive
by the things that we hid

we got lost
in the shelter
hidden by
what we decided to show

searching around
for someone’s cup to hold
the candle is warm but the fire is cold
and burning a hole
in the carpet
of somebody’s room

there’s something in this bar
and something inside
it all comes together
and eventually collides
it drifts down the front of your dress
as you try to go home

and we got lost
in the shelter
we got lost
in the warm air

in the middle
of the water
at the end
of a dream

my northern most thoughts are heading south
i get what it is
but not what it’s about
you or me
or maybe
me and you

in every drop there is a bomb
it doesn’t make noise and won’t last long
the sound and the fury
a light
and then it subsides

and back then we knew
that one and one was two
but numbers today are just the square root
a problem we have
or an answer
we wished that we knew

we get lost
in the shelter
and in the wet
of the warm night

we get lost
in the shelter
in the westward progress
of the night

and we get lost
in the shadows
we get blinded
by the light

in the flash
of an instance
in the span
of a lifekahlo30
moses by frida kahlo

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