we never sleep

tell me about your dreams
the ones that you can’t remember to forget
etched in the 12 point font of your waking life
dreams that take over consciousness
and hold randomness hostage

i am a sliver of my own awareness
like the moon beginning to grow
a template for forgiveness
in the shape of humanity’s rainbow

i am not pasteurized
i am distilled
from dna erector sets
and misspent youth

i have mailed myself to god
return to sender
stamped on my forehead
like the mark of cain
i want to convey something to you
i write
i came into this world
dead on arrival
there’s been a mistake
but it seems like it’s planned
i am not asking for an answer
just a question
i am not asking for the truth
i would just like to know about the lies

but my postage has not been paid
and the writing is forged
so i am sent back and forth
through pneumatic alleyways
opened and closed
and shoved back into the tubes

love is the suction
that keeps us together
and pulls us apart

sex is the air
that keeps us breathing
into and out of each other

dreams are the glue
that bind us together
in stories wet with rain

all my maps have been folded
new creases
where old destinations appear again
and then disappear

i am guided towards the end of straight lines
and crooked paths
the road ahead reaches back
and makes an arc out of us all


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