the needle goes to ten

inside the breath
that travels before my face
there is a vision
and a song
with curves that lead me home
and hooks that keep me holding on

there’s a persistent beat to the sunrise
like the sound of men falling
and women waking up

babies that have yet to be born
are wailing just beyond the skyline

somewhere underneath it all
in upside down alleyways
there are needles going into the red
and engines that are about to catch fire

when you go below again
tell them i said hi
tell them i probably won’t be back
not anytime soon

Abstract Needle,Knot & Thread #2 Reloaded : Version #2
Piazza Cadorna – Milan


  1. i feel like i can hear them sometimes. at least, i hope that’s the gentle wailing i hear in the distance.

  2. This one had so much depth and I feel like I actually understood it this time :P Sheer brilliance, CC. Thank you.

  3. thank you so much, liz. whatever you get out of each one contains all that you’re supposed to understand.

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