don’t smoke in bed

remember what we said
about what we wouldn’t forget

when we were on fire
and there was no end
to our beginning

we move so quickly
that we forget what we want
and what we want forgets us

it’s only fair, though
that our thoughts would drift
as we reached those once-distant hills

they came up on us so quickly

and before we knew it
the horizon had changed
and there was an ocean
where our garden was supposed to be

we didn’t have time
but time certainly had us

and i forgot the names that i had given
to the secrets that we kept
all the maps i had made without a compass
ended up being the lines
of our palms connecting
making a loop
leading us in circles

but we are round like a ring
and we fill up the center
with what we don’t know
with what we feel

and sometimes
we get it right

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