108 names

there are no words for what i am feeling
but there are names for the gods that you can chant
something to call out
or to keep inside
i am at the video store
i am inside your skin
i am at the coffee shop
there are all these things to distract me
i am in the andes
and on spanish steps
i am climbing towards the place where they said you would be
and falling down drunk at the thought of getting what i want
a terrifying thought
ferocious limbs
asymmetrical desires that form a perfect circle
skin so soft it would eat me alive
everything in your heart is so unsettled and yet well placed
but perfection is always messy
i want a body i can trust and a soul that fits inside of it
i am tired of keeping my wishes in these bottles
there’s no point in collecting things that are supposed to be enjoyed
so we will open up our hearts and drink what’s inside
and if we are always drunk, we will never be hungover

photo by richard seah: http://www.jpgmag.com/people/uptight


  1. god, I swear you write to me sometimes. I Love it all, especially those last 5 lines.

  2. if you think i’m writing to you, then i definitely am…

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