1 + 1 = 3

there’s a drop in every bomb
a pause in every song
the feeling that hits you between the eyes
even if it starts between your thighs
it gives us what we need to trace
the lines that lead to that secret space
where hearts and blood and bone collide
and turn to light before our eyes
a direction so easy that it’s hard to find
a path that’s straight but appears to wind
a distance that is actually near
a hope that cancels out the fear

but as our hearts begin to race
the past begins to give us chase
it knows by now where we try and hide
and meets us there, arms open wide
and before we know it we’re back again
in the world where we just pretend

but there’s a trick i’ve learned, from years of not trying
a word that was spoke, before the days of the dying
i can’t remember what it is
and couldn’t speak it if i did
it’s a word you say that stays inside
that makes you remember what it is to be alive
we each have one that we’ve all been given
and part of what we’re here for is to find where it’s hidden
but while you’re on that brutal search
and the terrors at night they begin to lurch
you must reverse the way you look
’cause the knowledge is always inside the book
when things on the outside aren’t what they appear
it’s probably because your insides aren’t clear
sometimes you have to close your eyes to see
why everyone’s sayin’ 1 + 1 = 3
found art

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