let the right one in

there’s a song that’s always playing
that you can hear any time you want
the radio inside
it’s down below
buried deep in the architecture
underneath where our bodies are built
it carries a tune
through the cords
through our circuitry
veins that plug into amplified hearts
and send out waves of sonic bliss

for me
it’s about the way our bodies just fit
as if there was never a choice
but to bring them together
as if those notes were already written
a silence that sounds like a symphony
the kind of discovery that deepens the mystery

it is possible to live forever
in fact
there isn’t any choice
our hands have never let go
of what they held
and our breath
as always
swirls around us
like a halo
our aural history
that remains unwritten
because there are no words to describe us
only music

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