the piano has been drinking

my arms aren’t long enough to reach you right now
but my desire is
it won’t let go
even though it’s gone
you’re gone
these days, i’m gone

i walk the night
and sleep with eyes open
in bars named after streets
that no one walks anymore
why in the world doesn’t anyone walk anymore

i knew the song
the singer was about to sing
before the first notes stumbled
out of the drunken dime store piano
i watched as they spilled across the empty room
like an accident no one was rushing to clean up

we didn’t so much end as stop beginning

i have always been moving towards you
even as i pulled away
the best parts of me are still trying to find you
in the places i thought you would be
the other parts are thinking maybe your hidden
at the bottom of this glass
or maybe the next one

you are so much closer
now that you’ve gone
i can finally see the color of your eyes
without having to look
and i can trace your shape
with an anatomical certainty
on the back of this barroom coaster
your dna is in every fiber of my clothes
an emotional crime scene
with forensic evidence that
there was something there
something more than circumstantial

i carry a scent that was left from the last time we touched
we brushed up against each other
as you were making your way out the door
into the wild
i want to brush up against you again
even if it’s just in passing
even if it’s not really you at all

at some point i forgot who i was
i lost the me that knew you
i am around here somewhere though
the city isn’t big enough
to hide me from myself
and when i find him
maybe he’ll know where to find you


  1. don’t know if this is based on the Tom Waits song with the same title, but if not, check his song out

  2. definitely inspired by it, certainly the title and the drunken mood. tom has always been one of my favorites. it was a bit of a wink to anyone who knew the song…

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