drunk guy i can hear from down the street talking shit about his dead parents, when all i can think of is you

tried to call
but we can talk tomorrow
we can talk
for however long it takes
to just figure out where it’s all going
even though it’s already there
here’s the thing
it just keeps me up
i can’t seem to stop hearing you
say all those… things
and i start arguing
with you
when i’m alone
i know it’s fuckin crazy
i do it out loud
i just need to work it out with somebody
i’m gonna do this myself
i didn’t to this to myself
i make no sense

then he yelled
from down the street
some guy
who sounds like he lost his job
maybe he’s related to the people
who gave him all that alcohol
that make everything he says
so much louder
even though they’re things
he should be quieter about
but i can’t stop hearing it
and soon i forget
that he’s not talking to me
that he’s not me
thirty years my senior
he is the kind of bitter
that only toxins can cause
that only toxins can cure

“at least give me the decency to be…
i’m just saying, just saying
i just want him to take the effort to grow up
no, i’m just saying
why is it…
i had a learning disability

i think they stopped
no just wait
i think they stopped
being mom and dad
once we grew up”

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