there is a wisdom in no escape

there is a wisdom
in no escape

when the wild wolves surround you
and there is no chance for survival
the opportunity
to be torn to shreds
the lessons that it gives
for the little that it takes
there’s nothing left
after they’re done
except what can’t be consumed
what remains is who we are
as the flesh of our ego
is ripped from the bone

more than death
has its teeth bared
so much more
than muscle and blood
is at stake

when we hear the call
from the next room
we know
it’s a power
we can’t contend with
a god that we have made
as much as one
who has made us
who just wants to talk
but whose teeth
are so sharp
and whose claws
seem to call ambulances
to take us away

but each of us
is a flower
reaching up
through the earth
where we have buried ourselves alive
out of ignorance
out of shame
out of boredom
out of our minds
reaching out
with petals
as pretty as we can make them
for a way out
for a way in
always on both sides
reaching for someone
who cares too much
to just leaves us there
buried in the dirt
who will pick us
and give us
the water
and light
that we need
to survive
that we need
to grow

’cause we all need to die a little
every now and then
so that we can learn how to live

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