i want to be your miles

you are the open road
outstretched like a promise
waiting to come true
the poetry of motion
at the intersection
of fate and free will

i want to be your miles

to fit inside your fortunes
to follow the lines that lead
from the palms of your hands
to the wheel that turns this body around
and gives desire a direction

when you have no destination
there is no distance to overcome

be with me tonight
because this moment
will never go away
it will be here
as long as we hold it
as long as we hold each other

when there is no gas
we will use water
when there is no water
we will use our heat
when there is no heat
we will use air
when there is no air
we will use our will
when there is no will
we will fold into each other
where all ends meet to form a beginning

robert frank, les americans

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