i have sinned for this city and this city has sinned for me

cotton candy hips
and the way you press your lips
up against the glass
looking out on streets
that are no good for walking

what is it they gave you
in return for what they stole

the streets of this city
are like runways
with just enough room to land
but no way to take off
from the cracks in the pavement
electric flowers have bloomed
in a process that has
little to do with nature
reaching out
they open their petals
and pull you inside

they’ve spiked the milk and honey
in this mechanical eden

the mirror
that goes both ways
your reflection
that seems trapped
caught between the light
and the lights
did you get lost along the way
following the colors
and end up somewhere you didn’t plan

is it a trick you learned
or a trick that learned you

they’ll tell you anything to make you stay
why would they want you to leave
they’re trapped too
cemented in
by the things they carry
and the things that carry them
working off the debt
they took in exchange
for the dreams
they were told they had
by the pawnbrokers
dressed as carnival barkers
crying out into the night
in a wail
that they’ve learned to disguise
as a laugh

they don’t sell love here
they lease it

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