he looks like he wants to come down

what is it that dies
and what will rise again

is it the east
with its wisdom
and death
or the west
with its guns
and money

after all
you can’t have
the other
and they pretty much
cancel each other out

if he died for our sins
doesn’t it mean
she did too
ancient mother
why do we keep sinning
if it means someone has to die
maybe there’s a better way
to control ourselves
than to make someone
suffer for the things
we have done

why do we keep denying
their existence
and over
and over

what is it that keeps rising
even after it has been killed
what is it that keeps us killing
even though we know
it’s just gonna come right back

why do we pin back the arms that
are just trying to hold us
isn’t it time for a change
if not one that you can believe in
maybe one that at least believes in you

isn’t about time to tell him
it’s ok to come down
to let her know
it’s ok to get up

we love each other
after all
if not for each other
at least
for how each other is us

there are so many better things
that can be done with trees
and with the beautiful souls
and saviors
we hang
by their limbs
simply for decoration

simply to remind us
what we did wrong


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