you are the wish that i made before i knew dreams were possible

we breathe in the stars
the same pulse
that runs through my veins
is running through yours

there is no way to show you
and no need to
we are beyond horizons at this point
they don’t go as far as we do

i feel the wheels turn
but i don’t care where they’re going
i only care that you’re there with me
and you are
i don’t even have to ask

there is a way
that i learned to move about
the words
and to find my place in between
where they begin
and end

but you have no beginning
or ending
you go on forever
and you take me with you

to show me
where they keep the dreams
we didn’t even know we had

it isn’t so much us
as what is between us
what we make together
now that we’re never apart

it was always there
the place
where i knew i belonged
but couldn’t fit
i was always too big
or too small

i folded myself up
and expanded my awareness
but no matter how hard i tried
i just couldn’t fit

i never realized that i was
missing a piece
of myself

there is no math to explain
the simple equation
that broke open
and made it seem
like a short breath

we exhale together
and the stars stretch out
to all the places we’ve been
and all the places we have yet to go

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