monday morning blues

i like the way dawn bleeds
over the best of us

on monday morning
when it all begins and ends
in such a fitting tribute
to our humanity

all the colors
coming together
to form a more perfect
shade of sunrise

blood for what we lost
ink for what we kept

what i spilled can’t be measured
in coffee spoons
or in micrograms
or in time itself

the late nights
take the best parts of me
but sometimes
they give me something back

something more
than the sum of their parts
more than the piece i was missing
but less than the whole truth

i want to add the sum of your parts
to my whole
and see what kind of geometry
we can fit into

i want to see our shapes
come together
and watch
the shadow we make

as it stretches
across the days we have left
with our backs to the sun

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