the light makes a shadow and the shadow shows the way

the blade is well intentioned
as it slices through us
through the things
that keep us buried

in our own identity
underneath the weight
of the lies they told us
the lies we told ourselves

the last cut is the deepest
and it separates us
from the things we thought we were
but were just holding on to

holding on
for no reason at all really

i am with you already
in a place where our bones
don’t weigh a thing
and our matter
doesn’t really matter at all

i wear nothing
and nothing wears on me

you are there
because you are here
in a place that doesn’t exist
but that is more real
than anything else
that has come
and gone
and come again

when the blade has done its work
you are still a part of me
we are a part of each other
a piece that is made
by the pieces we kept

and the shape we make
is only a shadow
of the light and dark moments
that we are all a part of

the shadow is a thought
and light is a dream
that lets us see a way

to stay together
even as we come apart

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