to those who throw aside everything but the moment, we salute you

magic has no plans
it comes and goes as it pleases
and its spark is lit
by those who combust
by those who throw themselves into the fire
because they have no choice
but to burn

we have crashed into each other
but it is not an accident

we are not bodies
or thought
or desire
we are not atoms
or vegetables
or minerals

the physical world is a fourth of july
nature’s fireworks
shot out of god’s canon
a celebration of our independence
from birth and death
and bodies and sin

our eden
our earth
is nothing but an art gallery
the flowers
the fauna
the skin
and the bones
they are memories
and petals
and metals

a reminder
and representation
of what it is like to be nothing
and everything
at the same time

the only things that are real
are the things we can’t see
but feel around for
at the edges
of our awareness
where our invisible hands
search around for direction
and meaning
that is already baked inside of us

you are the thread that i follow
to find where i am
you are the place
that i fit
and the days that i live
while death is around us
and birth is inside us
we explode nightly
and make new stars
and new names for things that have no words

we are the secret that everyone knows
but no one can talk about

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