friday night lights

your shape is meant to move me
and it does
it moves me closer to myself
it surrounds my senses
and holds my desire hostage

everything is between you and me
everything is between the buttons
that hold together so much
until everything explodes
and it all comes off

there is no wrong
and if there is
it’s alright

all right here
as the universe expands
and we breathe in

more than air
lighter than breath
heavier than the weight of the world

it stops long enough
to let us off

there are new elements
that form
along the path
that leads to the place
where we wait

we wait
for our bodies to catch up
with the speed of our light

when the oxygen hits our skin
it is one part spring
and one part summer
and two parts coming towards each other
to make a whole

a whole world
a new world order
where neither of us comes first
as we both make it last

our dirt is clean
we don’t need to apologize
we don’t need to rhyme
we just need to hit the mark
that we drew
on the places
where we have buried our treasure
for each other to find

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