lost in love

*spoiler alert* (sort of)

think about what your very first reaction was, as it became clear that it was all about love.

did you start to think or feel that the writers were sellouts and that you had been conned? or did you feel a little something sparkle and blink from somewhere deep inside, something familiar and not a little bit unnerving? maybe you’ve felt that way, before. maybe not exactly that way, but close enough that it moved a part of you to identify.

did you see the explanations, and lack thereof, as an easy way out? or an easy way in?

maybe it wasn’t about love at all, for you. maybe it was all about death.

i guess it could tell you a lot about yourself, the reactions you had to the show, if you watched it. it could be the myers-briggs personality test of the 21st century. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Myers-Briggs_Type_Indicator)

did you see the love as just a part of death? or did you see death as just a part of love? which side are you on?

this show invoked these kinds of existential dilemmas like very few pieces of pop culture have. even religion is having a hard time keeping a straight face these days. all the hype, the marketing, the twists and turns and pay-offs and sell outs. they come with everything in life. even death.

but one of the many brilliant things about lost is that all the devices and the details, the numbers and the rules, all the painstakingly cultivated mind-melding maze of a muther-fucking plot-line, that had millions of people following rabbits down every hole in the universe… it all meant meant nothing. in the end.

it was all about love and letting go. it wasn’t about numbers, or the hatch or the smoke monster. it was about what keeps us from moving on: our own minds. not that the intellect is bad, just that it can trick us into believing our own math. and our own myth.

this was one of the most popular shows ever, whose series finale was almost a national holiday. millions and millions of people around the world were experiencing the same thing. it was clearly a message that the producers and writers and, perhaps, nature itself, were trying to communicate. a collective understanding that we’re in it together. we’re there to help each other move on. we’ve built this all to remind ourselves where to meet.

so many people experienced the same thing today, and this thing had a certain message it delivered. not everyone got the same message and a lot may not have gotten any message at all. but for some of us, questions may have been answered or at least asked. for some of us this was a perfect ending, a perfect beginning. and to those people who feel this on some level and who can even slightly decipher what i’m saying, i just want to say that it is beautifully ironic. that we have found each other. by getting lost.


  1. BRAVO! “it all meant nothing. in the end.” It’s so easy to get caught up in all those meaningless things (such as jealousy) and we often push people away that mean the most to us.

    Thanks for writing this Chris.

  2. thank you, liz. for reading, reacting and for being such a completely cool soul in general…

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