you were right about the weather but you were wrong about the rain

there is no protection
or place to put your things
there’s only wide open spaces
and a hidden ring

it’s a circle that winds
round our days like the sun
that seem like so many
but end up being one

it’s all the same thing
in so many different ways
the parts of you that leave
and the ones that remain

the best things in life
barely make a sound
but the pain is so great
you can hear it all around

if memories are all we have
then i think i’ll take the best
and keep a couple bad ones
so i can tell the good ones from the rest

there’s backroads dreaming
of warm summer nights
where the sky on our skin
showed us the light

and we dove into quarries
that led to places deep inside
we swam naked through days
that left us wet throughout the night

and the skin on our bones
shined electrified light
and let us watch our reflections
on the dancing water night

they danced to the perfection
of imperfect flight
where we sailed through consciousness
and landed on everything in sight

our hands took what was given
and our hearts kept the rest
but there was more than we could carry
or clutch to our chest

and the song that saved us
was simple and plain
it had breath as its verse
and silence in its refrain

you were wrong about the weather
but you were right about the rain
everything is crazy
about the ways that we keep sane

and those drives that we took
down disappearing lanes
those arms that held us
as we fucked away the pain

the ground goes forever
and the paths are all the same
you were right about the weather
but you were wrong about the rain

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