virtue destroys all vices and vice versa

virtue destroys all vices
and vice versa
and i make verses
about vices
and vistas
from mountain tops
high above bedroom communities
where no one sleeps anymore
and if they do sleep
they don’t dream

the dreams are kept at bay
by the televised glow
of reality
that make it all seem so fake

the electric hues
distort the true colors
that settle on our skin
and no matter what we watch
it always makes us blue

but up here
the hum of the airwaves is cut
by the roar of the ocean
and the whispers
of redwoods
that say your name
that say my name
like there is no difference
between the two

i am not blue
on this mountain
i am red
and pink
and brown
and yellow
there are more colors
than i have a right to see

i am sitting
or kneeling
i can’t quite tell which
i don’t know which direction my prayers go
or if they go anywhere at all
or if they really are prayers

sometimes i question myself
but i never seem to answer
or maybe i just don’t understand
what i am really asking

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