straight lines have crooked thoughts

you are somewhere
somewhere beyond my reach
but not beyond my vision
i hold you in places that are too real to touch
places that exist
in between the pages of the book
that we have been reading
since dawn broke
and spilled across the skyline
throwing light and shadows
across the distance that separates us
hiding dreams
and exposing the breath
that i will spend
as i make my way to where you are

i fall into the disappearing earth
i leap into the cracks of my unconscious
hurtling towards nothing
with the hope of finding everything

i will find the dotted line
that separates dreams and truth
space and time
and me from you
I will find the line
that is drawn straight
it is easy to see
because there are no straight lines in nature

and when i find it
i will turn it into a circle
a shape that fits our souls
that binds us together
and goes on forever

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