not all that’s gone has gone away

there’s a secret you kept
and one that i’ve kept too
we haven’t kept it from each other
we’ve kept it from ourselves
a secret about what really made us feel safe
and what really made us feel scared

there’s a cross
that goes around our hearts
not a crucifix
but a cross

two different paths
that intersect each other
that join at the center
to protect us
and to hold us up

but it’s so much more
than our bodies
that they protect
it is our hopes
and dreams
and desires

they protect us
from what they know
is the biggest threat to our survival:

we both lost a piece of the cross
or at least we thought we lost it
part of our protection
part of what we knew was there
even if we had no idea it existed
even if we never really felt it
until it was gone

but it isn’t gone
and it never left

the things that are invisible
only glow brighter
when there is just the spirit
and the air
to hold their form
and the heart and soul
to hold their body

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