the speed at which we travel

life is hidden
in the moments that we dream about
in the words that we think
but never say

the power of what remains unspoken
is what makes us strive for the next breath
it’s what makes us walk the extra mile
even after each step
has only brought us closer to death
and further from each other

i have come to your doorstep
to take your hand
only to find that your hand has been there
in mine
all along

and while we are apart
we are most certainly together
in a field
in the rain
as the hearts that beat
inside our chests

a gentle reminder
of the rhythm that nature provides

we are all waiting to be born
into the next life
into this life

we are in the womb
and nature is our mother
is nothing but a doorstop
and life
is nothing but a fleeting glance
to where we have come from
and where we are going

the speed at which i travel
is the pace at which our hearts beat
when they are together

we have just found out what forever means
now we find out what it means to us


  1. Amazing! Thanks for the email by the way! I will reply as soon as I’m finished reading through all of the manuscript :)

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