we’re making new medicine to heal old wounds

we’re dropping
young beats
off a cliff
over ancient rhymes
just to see
if they can fly
or if they float

pop the clutch
and gun it
for as far
as you can go
as long
as you can manage

before you end up
right where you began

we came here
from opposite directions
yet we seem to go in circles
spinning around each other
but it doesn’t feel like a revolution
it doesn’t seem like we’ve made it
all the way around

these late night talks
the earth
around the axis
the ring
around your finger
the path
that brought you here
they all go around in circles
and you twist
in nervous expectation
and get all knotted up
and it’s hard to come undone
but it needs to happen
to all fall apart

the only way to break lose
is simply to break


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