where are you tonight

on the streets
you knew where you were
but no one else did
they couldn’t find you
even though
your body said

it’s hard to make out
the sounds
amidst the silence
the whispers
that tell you where to go
but never let you know
where you are

it’s easy to mistake the flowers
for the trash
that people throw
from their cars

they do it
so that everything is clean
for as far as they can see
but they can’t see very far
and if you refuse to see
after a while
you just stop looking

where are you tonight

there’s a hole
that can’t be filled
and it gushes
all night and day
no one seems to know
how to stop it
except to stuff whatever they can
down inside it
and even then
all that that does
is make the problem worse

there has never been
such a perfect analogy
for our human condition

time to stop being so crude

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