a prayer for midwest fields

what have we been talking about
all this time
in midwest samadhi grass
praying to gods with names
that aren’t supposed to be said out loud

we are hidden
and exposed
our bodies and the ground
wet with so may things

there are diamonds sparkling
that no one has bought
and wishes
with arms that can hold us

i can see them blink
like the stars
when you laugh
at whatever it is i said

a cracked pattern appears
and disappears
revealing what’s beyond
the veil that we wear

we are held by the moon
drenched in the light
that it borrows
from the sun
and before it lets us go
there is a song

it only lasts only a few seconds
but it’s enough
that i will never forget
the simple melody

even as the sun comes up
and turns our wishes
into steam
that powers our invisible engines

and i just wish i knew
where i was going
or at least
how to get there


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