high plains drifter

i lie in my apartment at night
and i pick out the sound of a distant siren
out of the madness of sounds
that make up the uneasy
and untuned
of the city streets
i pick out the lone wailing cry
just as it’s leaving
wherever it’s been parked
or driving along


to answer the call
the call that’s been ringing
from my cell phone
then my home phone
then in my head
i can almost see the siren
as it travels down columbus
then right onto broadway
it’s something to pass the time
a recognition
that space is all around us
even more so than time
time to do something
i forgot
the dog
the plants
the computer
it really is best
just to lie here
i don’t think i could get up
even if i wanted to
the ambulance turned onto grant
then up my street
i can here it come to a stop
at a neighbors
the old lady probably
a door slams shut
i want to run to the window
to find out what’s going on
but i feel a pang of guilt
i am the reason reality tv exists
and i think of the journey i’ve just been on
with the hopped up medics
speeding faster than bullets
we ripped through my city
all the way to my front stoop
it could always be you
rushing to see me
i can hear them break down the door
i can see them now
and they look so excited to see me
they must have known
i’d been with them
all along
they try to help me up
but i tell them
i don’t need help
i wonder what they want
i can’t hear what they’re saying
above the wail of the siren
they must have turned it off
but i can still hear it
they are putting a needle in me
or maybe just taking one out
either way
it’s cool
they’re asking me something
maybe they need help with the neighbor
i tell them
i’ll be right back
but i don’t go anywhere


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