distance is the square root of desire

the stars
they hang there
like i could actually
touch them
like i could actually
touch you
from this far away
through all of the smoke
and mist and haze
and miles
through all of the things
i have to do
just to keep shit going
i could touch you
if i could only reach you
if i could just make my arms
as long as these thoughts
as close as the stars
when there are no city lights
to hide them
and their meaning

it all changes
with each day that passes
as they move across the sky
as we move across the grid
that’s got us locked in tight
to whatever it is
we think we’re accomplishing

we spell something different
each time the day turns
its back on the night
time passes without warning
but moves
without seeming
to end up anywhere at all
and i forget where we started
but i don’t think it matters
as long as we find out where we are
right now
as the sky clears
and the map folds
so that our bodies
are pressed up against each other


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