a life less documented

“i feel like the whole day
is missed moments”
when he said this
i instantly agreed
and then disagreed

it was his girlfriend
walking past a window
with perfect reflections
dancing across her form
against the pane
inside the glass
just out of the shower
with a towel around her head
it told a story
it made the moment
more than it was
and he wished he had his camera

as an artist
you want to render
and capture
these moments that move you
paper and pen
lens and light
flesh on flesh
or whatever
and there are so many
constantly moving parts
to our daily existence

but our experience
of the moment
is so underrated
and our awareness
the lens of our consciousness
is sometimes the best
tool to capture
the beauty
that life throws at you
better perhaps
than any medium could be

there’s something to be said
about dropping the tools
just for a second
and living the moment
with the senses you’ve been given

when does life
cease to be the subject
and become the experience

to truly document the human experience
you got to be human
without the tools of your trade
if only for a few choice moments
during the day

drop everything
let the perfectly articulated metaphor
slip away
into the ether
never to be found again
never to be collected
onto page or frame

let it spill across your skin
as you skate down the boulevard
as the the collective experience
rolls across your skin
and the night air hum
gives you the beat
by which you propel yourself
one step at a time

you are the metaphor
you’ve been waiting for

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