it takes a lot to laugh, it takes a train to cry

death is not a departure
it’s just leaving something behind
that you didn’t need anymore
the swirling mass of our energy
always remains

even as you left the room
i could feel
the needle fall into place
and the music begin to play
it was a song
that i used to sing to you

our meaning is underneath
the clothes that we wear
the ribbons and buttons
that have been pinned to our chest
by the ones who thought they knew
but hadn’t really figured us out
quite yet

we are more
than that
and so much less

it hurt to see you
in those old summer clothes
the way the light
used to shine through the cotton
of your summer dress
is the same way your veins
now show through your skin
but i think it hurt me
more than you

there are trains
that can take you places
but it’s the tracks
that bring you there
the rhythm of unexpected travel
that elevates the tempo
of an ordinary life
circular beats
that drop
as the wheel goes round
as the earth churns
and mixes our bodies together
with the soil
our skin and bones are recycled
but our souls are sustainable

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