a brand new antique

sometimes the words
aren’t what they mean
and we can tell
they are winking at us

we can feel the arches
of a lover
and pass through
their columns

it’s like somewhere
you’ve been before
but that seems new
each time you visit

i looked over the ancient city
from on top of a hill
and it seemed like
it was from the future
a future
that happened so long ago
so long ago
that it’s history hadn’t even been recorded

so it repeats like a loop
and we go around
we are set to shuffle
set to refresh
every 40,000 years
or every time
you say that name

and now i look at what you are
who you are
lying before me
unaware of time
or space
or any order to the way things
are supposed to happen

i can almost touch this memory of you
from before we met
it’s like i’m almost flexible enough
to touch the back of my mind
with this memory
but i can’t quite reach

you are new
yet there is something
that has been here all along

if this part of me
that is hiding
would just come out
and show itself
maybe i could understand
or maybe
i understand now
more than if i knew
what it is really all about

bansky photo by http://pinskyblack.deviantart.com

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