what gets lost in the ocean can always be found in the sky

the golden light
of the golden light
that comes
from one direction


it seeps out
like childhood
through polaroids
and across white sand beaches
and swing sets
across your thighs
and hair

dreams and life
come from the same place
and they get captured

in a drop of water
that breaks apart
to form beads
of honey sweat
that hold our dna
and cling
to our summer skin

and then
at once
they explode
in a thousand tiny orgasms
that get washed back
into the sea

they never go away
they just get lost
along the surf
with everything else that’s there

the ocean is so big
and there’s just so many things
wedged in between
what i know
what i don’t want to know

to find it
you have to forget what you’re looking for


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