we will always be both

there is a war coming
over those hills
over the counter
it’s here
in prescription bottles
in pay per view
real estate
in get rich quick
or die tryin’ schemes
there is a war
against culture
against your better judgment
you are picking sides
they told you to
and you do what they told you
they said
there wasn’t a choice
they’re saying
it’s him
or me
this one
or that one
or her
they want you to choose
but they don’t want you to feel
as if it’s a choice
they want to divide
so they can conquer

there may be a war
but there are no sides
there is no left
and right
there’s not even a center
there is just
the whole
the whole picture
the hole in the ocean
the hole in your heart
the hole in the truth

the whole
is who we are
and there is nothing
that can make that different
or take you apart
they can blow us to bits
and we may be in pieces
but we will remain whole


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