without a sound

we could talk
and that would be alright
but we could just lie here
and not say anything at all
and by not saying anything
we could finally hear
what we have been trying to say
all along

there’s so much about where we are going
that i have no interest in finding out
there’s so much we have to say
that doesn’t need to pass by our lips
we could collect the things
that have been left between the spaces
the meaning
that words
always leave behind
i could pick for you
the flowers
that bloom
when no one is looking
and put them in your hair
and we could fall into the places
that are so deep
there isn’t an end or a beginning



  1. I really enjoy how daring you are at being informal. Thanks for your honest poems, they are very understanding and important. I hear a lot of urges in this poem that are universal and I can identify with it. Never stop writing.

  2. formalities often bore me. but i respect people who can work within them. you have to know the rules to break them. ithink you might even have to respect them.

    i won’t stop, andrew, but that goes for you too. thanks for the wonderful words, not used to getting them here as much as on the other page. it is refreshing.

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