what might have been lost

we balance on the edge of a cliff

that isn’t even there

but because we think it is

we don’t fall

and the ice

that’s melting

underneath our feet

couldn’t break my heart

if i only knew

how to know

i was flying


and the stars

that drip

from the ceiling

won’t let me down

or that flying

and falling

are the same


maybe i could let go

maybe i could see

that gravity

is just a myth

we tell each other stories

painted on caves

and lcd screens

and street corners

we think of history

as the past

even though

it’s always with us

we propel the myths

that propel us forward

and keep us grounded

even if there is no ground to speak of

but we are not going anywhere

even if we are moving

and we are not moving closer

because we are already as close as we can get


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